Landscape Design
+ Construction

Landscape Solutions: Landscape Design

Landscape Design

HTA designers are artists and problem solvers with an arsenal of experience, materials, and talent to bring your ideas to life and find you the best landscaping solutions.

Landscape Solutions: Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

HTA’s Red Trucks deliver more than materials and machines to your site; they arrive with Talent, Experience, and Teamwork! Our team of professional builders knows exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

Technology is great! We have Smart Phones, Smart TVs, and yes there is Smart Irrigation. There have been many irrigation innovations that save not only time but water, which saves you money! Let us install one for you today!

Landscaping Solutions: Smart Irrigation Install + Service

Smart Irrigation Install + Service

The real test of Smart Irrigation is trusting a well-trained team to install the system as designed.

Lawn Maintanance

Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful well-kept lawn is the key to what people are looking for, “Curb Appeal!” Even the nicest plantings and beautiful flowers will not stand out if your lawn isn’t manicured.

Parking Lot

Landscaping Solutions: Parking Lot Care

Parking Lot Care

What suffers the most abuse on your commercial property? Your Parking Lot & Walks!

Snow & Ice Management

Snow + Ice Management

Michigan Winters add to our seasonal beauty, until they interfere with our ability to get to work, or keeping our businesses open, and more importantly, keeping our properties Safe!


Landscaping Solutions: Tree and Shrub Care Services

Tree + Shrub Care Services

Our tree & shrub care services are provided by highly trained Landscape professionals, Horticulturists, and Certified Arborists. We only recommend what you need and will explain why you need it, keeping you and those around you safe.

Lawn fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization + Weed Control

At HTA Companies, we have designed a program that uses granular slow-release fertilizers that reduce runoff into the watershed and protects the environment. Better results and better landscaping solutions for you and your environment.

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