Parking Lot

Protecting Your Investment

What suffers the most wear and tear on your commercial property? Usually, your parking lots and sidewalks.

  • Expansion/ contraction
  • Poor compaction
  • Poor surface drainage/ low spots
  • Daily vehicle traffic
  • Heavy delivery trucks
  • Hot baking sun
  • Vehicles tracking mud & grime
  • Snow plowing & salt, salt, salt!
  • Heavy snow piles and slow-melting snow
  • Littering and blowing debris
  • Daily vehicle traffic
  • Spills & leaks… gas, diesel, hydraulic fluid
  • Heavy delivery trucks
  • Tree roots
  • Hot baking sun
  • No sun, extreme cold
  • Vehicles tracking mud & grime
  • …just to mention a few!

Each of these actions is working in conjunction to shorten the life of your parking lot and sidewalks. Every season impacts the successful use of your paved surfaces. A proactive approach with regular maintenance extends the lifespan of these areas. This also ensures your deliveries, employees, and your patrons, have full and safe access to your place of business.

The Parking Lot Care Services Division at HTA, is dedicated to keeping these areas clean, safe, and open for business! Our complete line-up of Parking Lot Services is available to you, from the simplest repair, to complete year-round service.

Call Kyle to review your parking lot needs and let us help you keep the access to your business clean and safe!

List of Parking Lot Care Services:

  • Bumper block installation
  • Concrete removal & replacement
  • Catch Basin Repair
  • Construction sweeping
  • Parking Lot layout & sign replacement
  • Pavement marking & striping
  • Paving
  • Seal coat/ crack fill
  • Power washing
  • Street & Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Porter Service
  • Snow Removal
  • Infrared Paving Repair
newly paved parking lot fall colored trees and blue sky
red power washing trailer from the HTA Companies parking lot care team
section of sidewalk cut out in front of business during parking lot care work

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