Landscaping Leadership Team

HTA Companies founder sitting on a red riding lawnmower

Ted Harkins

Ted was the one with the vision when he started HTA in 1990 and remains a key member of the landscaping leadership team. He understood the talent he would have to attract and retain, as his business grew and created a culture to accomplish just that.

He leads by example and built this company based on trust, relationships, and uncompromised Service.

Photo Caption: Competing during our Employee Appreciation Day

HTA Companies employee working on a landscaping job site

Kyle Harkins

Kyle’s experience is in excavation and construction. This made him a valuable addition to the leadership team and the perfect fit to manage HTA’s Parking Lot Division. Everything from striping to repairs, to plowing snow; is serviced under his watchful management.

Photo Caption: Still King of the Hill

HTA Companies employee sitting in chair and wearing sunglasses

Bob White

Bob joined the Team 2 years ago and brings over 35 years of landscaping and management skills to HTA. Bob is well respected in the Lansing area and has oversight responsibilities with a number of our accounts and is also our primary contact for Residential Landscape Design and Construction.

His extensive background in Landscape Design/Construction, and Management, adds a dimension of skill & experience that enhances HTA’s goal of delivering “Excellence in Service.”

Caption: A day away from the action.

Scott Cushman

Scott joined our team over 9 years ago, and heads our Irrigation Division He is certified in the testing of Backflow Preventers and is also IA certified (Irrigation Association). There are only a few in town with this certification. It would be difficult to find an irrigation problem that would stump Scott.

Jan Bentley

Jan manages our office and has the huge responsibility of coordinating our efforts in the office, and is at the front line of communication when you call.

    Aerial view of the HTA Companies office location in Lansing
    Employees of HTA Companies sitting at table for a company meeting
    members of the landscaping team posing for photo in front of red work trailer