Lawn Fertilization
+ Weed Control

Choosing a Lawn Care program that is effective but gentle on the environment is a balance we always consider.

At HTA Companies, we have designed a program that uses granular slow release fertilizers that reduce runoff in to the watershed and protects the environment. Your lawn specialist was trained to spot treat weeds, which reduces the use of chemicals in the environment.

Having the training and emphasis to use integrated pest management is what makes our programs unique to the Lansing and Mid – Michigan area. Having state of the art GPS tracking of crews and computer routing makes dispatching your service specialist a breeze.

Our membership with the Michigan Green Industry provides some of the best industry training. Each lawn specialist was trained in the National Association of Landscape Professionals Lawn Technician program.

Services Available:

Lawn Fertilization + Weed Control
Our strategy of use of fertilizers is to use slow release fertilizers to reduce nutrient runoff in the environment and reduce the surge growth in the grass.Surge growth in grass happens when a company uses a quick release fertilizer and you get a flush of growth, which means an unhealthy growth of the top of the turfgrass plant.This is common, and causes double and triple cutting of the grass to keep under control.

Lawn Fertilization + Weed Control Program

First Visit: March/April
Granular Fertilizer plus Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Second Visit: May/June
Liquid Weed Control (For broadleaf weeds)

Third Visit: June/July
Liquid Weed Control (For broadleaf weeds)
Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Fourth Visit: September – October
Liquid Weed Control (For broadleaf weeds)
Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Fifth Visit: October – November
Fertilizer Application with high Potassium (Winterizer)

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