Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Yard Come Spring

It’s the most nerve wracking time of the year. What will my lawn look like after this winter? Oftentimes, we neglect or don’t know to do those little things around the yard before the brutally cold winter months swoop in and we only leave the house when absolutely necessary. Whether you need a refresher or a yardwork 101 course, here are four winter lawn care tips for lawn confidence come spring.

Don’t Let Holiday Decorations Linger

Not only will your neighbors thank you for removing your light-up reindeer in a timely manner – your lawn will too. Heavy seasonal decorations, such as figurines and large inflatables, can leave patches of damage on your grass. Although you can’t see the destruction underneath the snow, you will wish you’d acted sooner come April.

Cut the Grass Slightly Shorter Before the Snow Falls

Right before the first freeze of the year, you should cut your grass to the shortest height it has been all season, about 2.5 inches high. This will prevent snow mold, a lawn disease that infects, and eventually kills grass as temperatures rise. Don’t cut it any shorter, however, or the grass won’t be able to photosynthesize and carry nutrients to the roots.

Aerate and Seed Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to aerate, since the air is cool but the soil temperature is still warm. Start with aerating, the process of creating small holes throughout your yard, which allows air, water, and nutrients to flow freely through the soil. Then, spread a generous amount of seeds over the area. This small investment during the fall, will reward you with a lush green lawn come spring.

Hire a Professional

There’s no worse feeling than the snow finally melting, just to reveal where a careless driver mangled your lawn months before. By carefully choosing a reliable plowing service, you can rest assured your lawn will be untouched come spring. What are some indicators of a dependable snow removal service? Good reviews from verified customers, proper certification from the ASCA, and at least a few years of experience. At HTA Companies, we have over 35 years of experience under our belts.

These four winter lawn care tips for lawn confidence come spring are fairly easy for any homeowner to do, but if you want to plan on doing things the right way this spring, give us a call today!