parking lot with red truck pulling lawn maintenance trailer and man cutting grass in background

What It Takes To Bring a Vision to Life

HTA companies is a landscaping company that has always understood the importance of careful work and planning when it comes to their projects. From the initial hiring process to the finished product, we make sure we are working with the right talent to determine the best solutions and create and maintain the most beautiful properties around the Lansing area. Every step of the way, we make sure we know what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it. Our team knows what it takes to bring a vision to life. From tools like our 3D modeling and our Red Truck team to our persistence and dedication to the craft, we know what it takes to bring a vision to life at HTA Companies.

3D Modeling

Plenty of problems can develop in the planning stage for big projects and we, just like anyone involved, hope to avoid as many of these problems as possible. One way we’ve completed projects without issue is through clear communication and a near-exact 3D representation of our plan. Our 3D design software makes it easy to visualize potential changes. You may walk through your future landscape in a highly interactive environment, gaining insight on how you would feel about the development before the changes have even started. 3D modeling makes sure everyone is on the same page with precise knowledge on the future final product.

Our Red Truck Team 

To us, a red truck isn’t just a vehicle that transports our tools and team members. The HTA Companies red trucks remain a promise to deliver talent, experience, and teamwork to every assignment. Once our trucks arrive, you can guarantee that you are getting a team of devoted individuals who want to see your property come to life. With years of knowledge and experience and our Red Truck Team, HTA Companies can handle it all.


We don’t give up. Without persistence, our team would never have made it this far. Our drive to push through is what allows us to complete projects like the Japanese garden on the Lansing Community College campus. Our persistence also allows us to help create your dream property.

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