Tree + Shrub Care

As spring is subsiding and gives way to summer soon, you want to know that your trees and shrubs are in the best shape possible. That is why here at HTA Companies we have a team of certified Arborists, Horticulturist and landscape experts to help you maintain the pristine look of your lawn, trees, and shrubs. Our team has been in business for years assisting residents just like you to ensure their trees and shrubs are taken care of.

One of the critical aspects of care for your shrubs and trees is to make sure that insects and pests do not destroy them. Our company employs the best-integrated pest management systems that are the industry standard. Spring and summer can bring in new pests and you want to make sure your yard is protected.

Our team of landscape artists will come out and evaluate your property to make sure what is needed to keep the trees and shrubs healthy. We offer a variety of services such as pest management, disease control, pruning, trunk injections and more. Our experts know the area and they know what insects and pests to look for. We also can provide you with deep-root fertilization processes that help to give you healthy plants from the ground up.

If you’re concerned about your trees and shrubs or they just need maintenance, contact our office today. We can set up a consultation to inspect your home’s landscape and tell you what the best course of action would be. Don’t worry as we never try to sell you things you do not need. Contact us today to see how to get started on getting healthy trees and shrubs.