Red Truck

The Red Truck Team

Many people know HTA Companies by our big red trucks they see around town. We like to think of our big red trucks as our iconic symbol or our mascot. When you see those big red trucks on the side of the road or in someone’s driveway, our community knows we arrive with talent, experience and teamwork.

When people refer to Lansing, they often refer to it as a “big” small town. Lansing is a town where you earn a good reputation. Our Red Truck Team is proud to be able to hold our heads high and call this community home. We pride ourselves on great relationships and happy customers.

Our Red Truck Team not only designs and installs beautiful landscapes. But we maintain beautiful properties and offer winter services too. HTA Companies is also known for bringing the best materials and equipment to the table. The success we’ve had over the last 25 years was made possible through the trust our community has for us to improve and care for their homes and businesses. We uphold a high level of service that our customers deserve and have come to expect.

We value open communication with our customers and appreciate any feedback. We believe communication is a two-way street to exchange ideas and information. When you’re working with living landscapes and the elements nature introduces, there are very few things that remain stagnant or constant. So our team embodies a proactive approach where we provide information and details on your projects to bring your vision to life.

All our services are provided in house by our dedicated team. We do this to eliminate outside contractors, added delays, and above all, excuses. We are your go-to landscapers as we provide a wide variety of landscaping and maintenance needs. We know trust is earned. We would like to earn yours! Give us a call today to talk through some landscaping or parking lot maintenance options.