Winter Resilient Property

The Key To Building a Resilient Property

Good things take time, and maintaining a flourishing property is no exception. There are steps you can take to make sure your property is ready for the next season, no matter the one you’re currently experiencing.

Keep your pavement clear of snow and ice

Leaving ice and snow on your driveway can be damaging to more than just your car. Especially in Michigan winters, since they can be finicky, snow left on pavement will begin to melt, seep into the cracks, and refreeze, causing shifting and deepening of existing rifts. Your driveway or parking lot should be plowed frequently during the winter so it can be in utmost shape come summer. 

Repair any damage come spring

Once you’ve invested in keeping your parking lot or driveway clear for the winter, maintain this condition in the spring. Maintenance includes filling any new cracks that may have formed during the winter. Once that’s complete, you should power wash the pavement, and finish with a thorough sweeping to remove debris and trash. 

Winterize your irrigation system

It’s important to remember to winterize your irrigation system annually to keep it functional year-round. Prepare for the winter by draining and shutting off the irrigation system one week before the first freeze, at the very latest. Don’t already have a well-functioning irrigation system? HTA companies is happy to help you design, install, and winterize yours. 

Lawn maintenance

A property is only as resilient as its lawn, so to reflect the hard work you put in all year, maintain a stunning, envious lawn. You can achieve this by frequent mowing and trimming, leaf removal, tree and shrub care, fertilizing, and watering. 

The above may sound like a lot of work, but your property is worth the investment. Also, we’re happy to help. Set up a consultation today and help your property reach its full potential.