The Importance of Parking Lot Care

First impressions can set the momentum for entire interactions, and parking lots function in much of the same way. Depending on weather conditions, traffic, and the age of your lot, customer impressions of your company could be affected without taking the proper precautions. At HTA Companies, we provide the services you need to make the first interaction with your customer the best it can be. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about protecting your parking lot.


Michigan is notorious for extreme changes in weather between winter and summer. Fall and spring are practically rumors. One thing you want your parking lot to be ready for is mutable weather conditions. Extreme cold is the culprit of the potholes and cracks you see on your way to work and when you’re searching for a parking space. Sometimes you find more holes than pavement. The snow and ice find ways to squeeze into the cracks and push the pavement apart. It creates a less-than-enjoyable commute for you and your customers. Slow-melting snow can turn into ice and cause potential harm or delays for anyone that works with your company. It’s dangerous to leave the job of safety to the weather. HTA Companies has a team of professionals who provide proactive parking lot care so that you don’t have to worry about inconsistent weather patterns. HTA Companies will handle everything from paving to snow removal and infrared paving repair!


The traffic you receive on a day-to-day basis can wear and rapidly age your property. Just like wearing shoes around the house, the dirt and grime you bring with you can find their way into areas where they can cause damage from erosion and peeling. Regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to keep your pavement healthy for longer. Traffic can cause direct damage based on its weight too. Connect with our HTA Companies experts to discover what specifics you need to keep your property protected. The cost of a total parking lot rebuild would be expensive compared to the cost of regular care.

Lot age

Over time, your parking lot will age on its own, no matter how well it’s maintained. Contraction and expansion are natural disruptors when it comes to asphalt and concrete. The ground shifts and moves in response to changing weather conditions, but your pavement, a solid block, battles the movements. After a while, the stress and wear from the flexing ground create cracks in the concrete. Poor compaction from less-than-professional paving jobs can also cause deterioration from rain, snow, and traffic, rapidly aging your lot on its own. If the lot isn’t holding together well on its own, it won’t hold together through weather or friction from traffic. 

HTA Companies can take care of your parking lot all year round with professional paving and regular maintenance to ensure great first impressions and safety for you and your customers.