The Environmental Factors of Landscaping

There are many things to consider when landscaping and lawn care come into play. The process can even feel daunting at times. However, HTA Companies aims to make the entire process easy for you. We work to create your desired space while maintaining responsible practices to keep the environment healthy. Whether it’s smart irrigation design to save water, careful tree removal or regular lawn care, HTA Companies know the environmental factors of landscaping.

Smart Irrigation

We’ve all done it. Left the sprinkler on the lawn too long and over-watered the grass, also wasting money. For this reason, HTA Companies offer the installation of smart irrigation systems. Smart irrigation is a system that allows you to save water and gives you control of your irrigation system while away from home. A smart system should manage your precious water resources without overuse and changing the survivability of nature nearby. There are a few things to consider when designing your smart irrigation system. Some of those concerns include the water pressure, the needs of plants and turf, your soil type, the drainage and runoff, and many other factors. It’s important to get this system correct to protect your lawn and plant life from damage.

Careful Tree Services

Our tree and shrub care services are provided by the best of the best. They’ll always recommend exactly what you need and why you should consider it. We’re all about maintaining the best health for your trees and shrubs. We handle everything from pest control and plant diagnostics to pruning and trimming to keep your lawn and trees healthy. Containing and solving the natural threats that occur within your property can benefit and create a safe barrier for the plant species around you. Good root structures from larger trees also make a huge difference in the sturdiness of the soil on your lawn. Above all, we want your plants and lawns to live as long as possible with the best care that’s available and that care comes from our highly trained landscape professionals, horticulturists, and certified arborists.

Avoid Soil Erosion & Runoff

We always consider the effects of the work we do. This way, we never overdo what’s needed, which is why we refuse to do lazy work that may harm the environment. Extra pesticides and chemicals in your lawn can contribute to a terrible pH in runoff coming from your yard and into the surrounding bodies of water. Similarly, carelessly removing large trees and root structures can contribute to the erosion of the soil on your lawn. HTA Companies is a team of experts that take the care and treatment of your yard into great consideration and will always treat it as if it were their own.