Simple Landscape Ideas to Add Value to Your Property

Spring is finally here, and not only is it time to enjoy the warm weather, but it’s time to begin your seasonal landscape and maintenance. The truth is, basic landscape is the foundation of preserving and adding value to your property. This past year, many Michiganders spent a lot of time in their homes. So, why not invest some time and maybe a little money into your landscape? In fact, there are quite a few simple landscape ideas to add value to your property this spring and summer.

Annual Flowers
Adding annual flowers to your landscape is a great way to add long-lasting and vibrant color to your landscape. Annual flowers are also an easy way to get freshly bloomed flowers every year, hence the annual part.

Tree & Shrub Care
Tree and shrub pruning is a pretty important part of maintaining your landscape to keep your plants under control and from becoming a hazard to your home and property. Our tree services and shrub care are provided by highly trained landscape professionals, horticulturists, and certified arborists.

Part of maintaining a beautiful lawn is ensuring that the irrigation you have is adequate and smart technology. HTA Companies does yearly irrigation maintenance to address any leaks, breaks or inefficiencies in the system.

Pest Control
Keep your property pest and frustration-free with proper pest control>. When you have a nicely designed and managed landscape, you want to be able to enjoy it when the weather is nice. This includes keeping away the pesky mosquito, fleas, ticks, and perimeter pests who are inside of your home as much as you do.

From design and irrigation to landscaping and maintenance, the HTA pro division is one you’ll want to experience. This team is eager to show you how we can help. Get a free consultation today to get your landscape ready for a beautiful spring and summer ahead!