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Protecting Your Investment

During the brutal Michigan winters, your commercial parking lot and sidewalks are what suffers the most. The shoveling, plowing, and the wet coldness that these surfaces endure for months on end all shorten the lifespan of parking lots and sidewalks. But a proactive approach with regular maintenance can help save and extend the life of these surfaces. By taking these precautionary parking lot care measures to protect your investment, you can also cut down on major repairs and costs.

As a property owner, it’s important to ensure your employees, customers, and every patron that visits your establishment have safe and full access to your business. We at HTA Companies, know what a struggle it can be when your parking lot or sidewalk doesn’t make it easy for customers or deliveries to reach your business. To help take that stress off of you, we’ve created a dedicated parking lot division that will keep your investment clean, safe, and open for business.

The parking lot care division knows to take into consideration various factors before starting maintenance services. We at HTA Companies offer a complete line of parking lot services. From small and simple to complete year-round services, our experienced and expert staff will help keep your parking lots and sidewalks in the best shape possible. Your parking lot says a lot about your business, so might as well keep it in good shape.

If you’ve ever worked with HTA Companies before, you know we value our relationships with our customers. Our team is known for responsiveness, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. All of our services are performed “in-house” by our experienced team, so there will be no outside contractors to add delays or excuses. Give us a call to discuss some options.