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Prepare for Winter with Snow Removal and Snow Services

Prepare for Winter with Snow Removal and Salt Services 

Winter snow can be beautiful, at least if you’re inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a plate of fresh-baked cookies. It can also be hazardous to your health. Studies cited in Consumer Reports show that cold weather raises cholesterol and blood pressure, increases the chances of clots forming, and leaves you more prone to a heart attack or stroke. Step outside to shovel, salt, or use a snow blower and the added activity — especially for those over 65, or those with a prior history of heart attack, stroke, or circulatory problems — goes up exponentially. Why take your chances? Get in touch with HTA Companies for Lansing salt and snow removal instead.

Snow and Ice Management Services

HTA Companies is the biggest snow service company in Lansing MI. We live here, we know the area, and we know how to respond quickly and appropriately to the unpredictable weather experienced during tough Michigan winters. We don’t just monitor; we keep our customers informed, so you’ll never have to wonder when — or if — we’ll be there.

Parking Lot Clearing and Salting

No matter how much it snows, life in Lansing goes on. Whether you own a home, an apartment complex, a business, or a retail establishment, you want to ensure that traffic around your property continues unimpeded without risking accidents or property damage. We’re here to help.

Sidewalk Salting and Clearing

Nobody wants a steep medical bill — or worse still, a lawsuit — because they, or a pedestrian, slipped on their sidewalk and sprained an ankle or broke a bone. We’ll clean and salt your sidewalks to keep dangerous ice from forming so your property stays clear and safe.

Snow Hauling

The first storm or two may not seem like much, but once we’ve gotten some way into winter, it’s easy for snow to pile up. It looks unsightly and can present dangers for pedestrians and vehicles. That’s why we also offer snow haul-off service.

Extra Cold-Weather Tips

So let’s say you’re convinced that scheduling professional snow removal is for the best. We’d still like you to be safe (we care about our neighbors), so here are a few extra tips if you’re heading out in the cold.

  • Bundle up, since the warmth prevents hypothermia and frostbite, and helps protect your heart, too.
  • Warm up by doing a bit of exercise (some jumping jacks or running in place) before exerting yourself outdoors.
  • Eat healthy, since the sugary and fatty foods, and alcohol we tend to indulge at this time of year, aren’t doing our bodies any favors.
  • If you’re younger and fitter, check in on neighbors who are older — they may need a hand with tasks like food shopping and household chores in the winter, and they’ll be glad for the company.
  • Know the signs of heart attack and stroke, and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect something’s wrong.

Start Planning Now

We help Lansing homeowners and businesses keep their property looking beautiful year round. We’d love to do the same for you. Plan now for the cold months ahead by scheduling salt and snow removal with HTA Companies and enjoy winter for a change!