Lawn Fertilization + Weed Control

As a highly ranked lawn maintenance team, here at HTA Companies, we understand the need for a beautiful lawn while being environmentally safe. That is why we use products to help you get the best-looking lawn in town without being harsh to the environment we love. We have lawn specialist that will come out to your property and do an inspection and consultation to see how we can assist you in reviving your lawn to perfection.

Each of our landscape team members has been trained in the industry safety standards and practices to ensure that each step of your fertilization and weed control process is handled safely and correctly. To make sure your lawn looks great, we offer a variety of services. Our professional landscape team can aerate your current lawn to help your lawn grow. We do this in the spring and fall seasons.

Our team also can provide fertilization services using a slow release product that will not negatively impact the areas around it due to runoff. We can also provide services that assist with your tick and flea control issues as summer tends to bring out these nasty pests. We want to help protect you, your family, and your four-legged friends.

Moles can wreak havoc on your yards as well. They dig up the grass and can kill a lawn in a short time. We provide services to make sure that your lawn survives mole season. Whether you need disease and pest control, or you are looking to spruce up your lawn, our team has you covered. Contact our friendly staff today to see how you can start the process of gaining control of your lawn.