Part of maintaining a beautiful lawn is ensuring that the irrigation you have is adequate and smart. When your irrigation for your lawn is installed, you want to make sure the design works well to get the most out of your system while reducing your water usage. With drought conditions coming and going, it’s important that you’re wise in how your irrigation system is used.

With the new advancements in technology, you can now put that power to your irrigation system as well. You can now control your irrigation system from your phone just as you do your lighting, HVAC systems, or even your television. When you’re considering an installation such as this, you want to work with an experienced team. That is exactly what you get with the highly trained staff at HTA.

HTA will send out a technician to go over your irrigation needs and help you design a smart system. If you have a system installed already, you can discuss the changes needed to make sure you save time and money in the process. A new smarter system can help you to maintain a beautiful lawn, stay in line with watering restrictions and get the right amount of irrigation your vegetation needs. When the Red Trucks leave your home, you’ll never know they were there except for your amazing irrigation system that is now installed. They can also service the system for you, so you know it’s running efficiently at all times.

Contact the professional team at HTA today to see how you can start using “smart” irrigation today!