How to Make Your Lawn Pet Friendly

Furry pets are adorable and explorative creatures. They love looking around and finding new things, digging up treasures and giving “gifts” when they find something really cool in your backyard. This all can be really fun for them, but it can also leave your lawn looking a little dingy, not to mention the added hassle of potentially finding fleas and ticks all over your furry animal, which will lead into your house. What can you do to make your lawn a little more friendly for your furry creatures against those pesky pests?


More Info About Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks love popping up around April in Michigan, when the weather is starting to become warmer. They thrive on temperatures between 70 to 85 degrees, though they can still survive in temperatures outside of that range. They are actively out looking for good, warm hosts to feed upon, and can be hiding anywhere: Under the bushes outside of your home, in the woods while you’re camping, or even in the crevices of your sidewalks. While your furry pets are exploring, they may accidentally come across a patch of these pests hiding, and find that they are the next big meal for the tiny vampires. What can you do to stop these pesky creatures from infesting your pets–and your home?


Arm Your Pet

One thing to remember is that fleas and ticks can be found anywhere. They can come from the dog park, latch onto your friend who is visiting and doesn’t realize they have them, or from visiting furry pets. It’s important to keep your pet protected in these circumstances so you don’t have to deal with a huge infestation in the future. That’s why it’s important to arm your pet.

Thankfully there are many great ways to arm your pet without potentially harming them. GreenPaws Flea and Tick Products Directory is a great resource for anyone who is looking to protect their pets without the use of harsh chemicals. They have done their research in finding what chemicals are in various popular products and the risk behind using them, and rates them based off of the potential danger of using said products. If you’re looking for a better way to arm your pet without harming them–and your family–with harsh chemicals, this would be the website to check out.

If you want to use more natural remedies with no chemicals at all, you can always rub citrus juice on your pet (we’re not kidding!), or let them have a dip in the bath with some Dawn soap. Learn more about those type of remedies here.


Deep-Clean Your Home

Fleas not only latch onto your furry pet, they also hide and flourish in shaggy carpets and dark places of your home. Don’t want to bomb your house? Here are some great tips for you to do to avoid these issues:

  1. A Salt-Borax-Insecticide Recipe
    1. This recipe is a dynamic way to kill these pesky vampires by dehydrating them and going deep within the carpets so that you can kill them – eggs and all.
  2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum
    1. Lift up bedding, move furniture, and focus on vacuuming! Aim for the deep, shaggy carpets or darker crevices of your home. If you consistently do this, then you’ll eventually have the eggs and adults sucked up and out of your life!
  3. Clean your Clothing/Bedding
    1. You want to do this in HOT water, because fleas die in extreme heat. Make sure to put it through the dryer at high heat as well, as ticks have been known to live after a wash.

Clean Your Landscape

As we have mentioned, fleas and ticks can hide anywhere in your backyard as well. Now that you have your pet and home protected, you want to keep your yard and lawn protected as well for a dynamic trio. We at HTA Companies Inc. will come in three times a year to spot-treat your yard to protect against fleas and ticks, keeping your yard clean, and lessening the chance of an infestation in the future. Find out more about those services here, and call us today to for more information. We’d love to help!

Don’t let your furry creatures become a flea’s or tick’s next meal. Take these tips to heart, and call us today for a flea and tick free landscape. You won’t be disappointed!