Honest Answers To Your Landscape Questions

When we meet with a customer for their first consultation, they have a few good questions for our team. And, rightfully so! Always ask your contractors all of the questions you have for them or the project. As a team that values good communication and customer service, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of commonly asked landscape questions with in-depth, honest answers.

How many years have you been in business?

With more than 25 years of experience, we are always working to attract the right talent, build relationships, and create and maintain beautiful properties around Lansing. We enjoy what we do because we are in the business of helping people. Think of us as partners to help you create and maintain the landscape of your dreams.

We value our customers and tribute our success to them and our hard work.

What makes HTA Companies the most qualified for the job?

Our team is composed of designers, artists, hard workers, and problem solvers with an arsenal of experience, materials, and talent to bring your ideas to life. Do not be afraid to ask for examples of our work, and we are happy to show you. We have created a reputation we are proud of here at HTA Companies. We value talent and experience at HTA Companies, and we have done all we can to build our company’s reputation off word of mouth recommendations.

Can you explain the 3D design process?

Most people find it hard to visualize a finished project from a layout on a piece of paper. So our team found a way to help you better understand our plans by offering to create your landscape design. Our 3D design option allows the client to get a correct vision of what the plan is for their landscape. You can see the landscape in different seasons and times of the day, and with added landscape lighting effects, you can also see at night.

What can I expect when working with HTA Companies?

Simply put, open communication and a proactive team. We value open communication with our customers and appreciate any feedback. We believe communication is a two-way street to exchange ideas and information. Our team goes above and beyond to provide information and details on your projects to bring your vision to life.

Do you subcontract work out?

This is actually a very important question to ask. All our services are provided in house by our dedicated team to eliminate outside contractors, added delays, and excuses. We provide services for all of your landscaping and maintenance needs.

HTA Companies is a company that prides itself on happy customers. At this time, every trade is booked and juggling challenging schedules on top of the above difficulties already. To learn more about HTA Companies, please check out our resources section on our website.