bright green grass

Green: The Most Important Color to Your Landscape

With the number of colorful flowers, shrubs and trees available today, it’s easy to overlook the simple beauty of the color green. Having elements of different landscaping colors and contrasting tones in your garden looks good and adds that extra flare most are looking for. However, green is just as important when it comes to garden design. Green is a natural complement that adds to any color and landscape, including green itself when combined with different tones and shades.

Green is a peaceful color that can calm the nerves and soothe the soul which makes it perfect for gardens. There is a reason why we associate green with nature. It’s because of the crucial role it plays in nature. It also brings color to the garden when everything else fades away when fall/winter sets in. Although different colored flowers and plants look beautiful, green tones offer a vibrant, healthy look to your garden. Green is the color of spring, it can be cool and friendly while providing a background to which all those colorful flowers and shrubs stand out against. Also, when a plant or grass displays vibrant green colors, it helps ensure that your plants and grass are healthy! The brighter the green, the healthier the plant.

It’s nice to have a good diversity with your landscaping colors. Having landscape done allows for you to fill your yard or garden with diverse, vibrant colors. But the next time you look at a garden take special notice of the beautiful green tones. You may notice the importance of the green and the powerful role it plays in the landscape. As spring approaches and summer sets in, consider adding some fun green tones to your landscape this year. From perfectly groomed grass to the most beautiful plants and flowers, HTA Companies can design and construct your perfect garden and landscaping dreams.