colorful fall trees with blue sky and green grass

End of Summer Lawn Care Tips

The leaves are slowly changing, and the days are slowly starting to get shorter, it’s a sign that fall is on the way. Many are starting to think about closing down their pools and packing in their lawn furniture. From barbeques and gardening to fetch with the pup and outdoor get-togethers, Michigan yards tend to endure a lot of activity, especially in summer. Even though fall is almost here, this is no excuse to not tend to your lawn. It still needs maintenance and a little TLC here and there. So to help you prepare for fall, here are a few end of summer lawn care tips to consider to make the colder months here in Michigan just a bit easier.

Trim Trees and Hedges
Luckily, we’ve had a fairly wet and sunny summer here in Michigan this year. Grass and vegetation have been plenty which may also mean your trees and bushes have grown. Before fall comes, time overgrown branches and other spots that may cause a mess to clean up come spring. Another pro tip we can offer is to stay up on your leaf clean up. The fewer leaves you leave for winter, the less clean up you’ll have when the snow finally melts.

Continue Mowing
Be sure to continue mowing and giving your lawn the care it needs. Continue to mow at the appropriate times and lengths throughout fall. The grass will start to grow slower and slower the colder it gets so it can be good to keep the mower handy and adjust your lawn care schedule as needed to accommodate the weather.

Nutrient-Dense Care
Prepare your lawn for the colder months by supplying it with the nutrients it needs to promote growth and recover from winter. Like most things, your lawn is strongest at its roots. Fertilizing your lawn at the proper times is crucial to keep the root as healthy as possible. Give us a call to find out when the best time for you to fertilize and irrigate are.

If you’re looking for more summer lawn care tips to prep your lawn for fall and the colder months ahead, and need some help or advice, give us a call or fill out the form below. HTA Companies offers a variety of services and seasonal services to supply Michigan residents with the best lawn care possible.