Common Snow Removal Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

For Michiganders, snowfall is just a part of winter. Sometimes we deal with a few inches, and sometimes we get a few feet of snow. Regardless of how much snow we get throughout the winter, it’s important to ensure walkways, stairs, and other pathways into your business are clear and safe. While snow removal may seem pretty simple, there are actually techniques to shoveling which leave your property as safe as possible. In fact, there are a few common mistakes to avoid when removing snow that you should take into consideration this winter.

Don’t Delay Removal

One of the biggest mistakes people make during winter is leaving the snow to pile up and then going out to remove it. The more snow that accumulates, the harder it will be to move or remove it. If you shovel more frequently or hire a service to come in and do it for you, you are making your life easier and putting less strain on your body.

Improper Techniques

Another common pitfall we see during the winter months is people don’t really know the proper way to shovel snow. The lifting and tossing method we knew as a kid is a quick way to overexert yourself and leads to sore and tired muscles. Instead, try pushing the snow across the pavement until it is out of the way. Give enough room on walkways, parking lots, etc., to walk and get in and out of vehicles. By doing this, you are allowing more room to move, which leads to fewer falls.

Snow removal can be a tedious project to take on. But if you take the correct steps to remove the snow safely, you will keep your property, customers, and employees safe this winter, no matter how much snowfalls. It is also a good idea to hire a professional snow removal company to protect your business investment. When you work with a professional snow removal company, like HTA Companies, you not only get clear parking lots and sidewalks, you gain peace of mind knowing your business, customers, and employees are safe.