People often refer to Lansing as a “Big” small town. People talk and share their experiences within the community, so you’re not going to fool anyone by merely going through the motions or covering your tracks to stay in business. Great reputations are earned and don’t have to be propped up. They will Stand on their Own!

HTA has risen to the top among Lansing’s best Landscape Companies, because we believe in the “Old-School” Principals of building relationships! We use and respect new Technology, but when it comes down to what is most important; it is People!

Our Team designs, installs and maintains beautiful properties all over mid-Michigan, and though we bring the best materials and equipment to the table, the end result is only made possible by the dedicated individuals at HTA, and by those who have trusted us with the improvement and care of their homes and businesses. HTA has dedicated 25 years in attracting the right talent to provide a high level of service that you should expect and deserve. We believe that Service is not a term you casually use in a promotion; because Service is our Purpose!

This kind of Service begins and ends, by making ourselves available to those we’re working for. Good communication makes everyone feel at ease, because we want and appreciate your feedback, as it makes us better. This becomes a two-way street, as we exchange ideas and information with those we eagerly service.

Every level of our service is built on problem-solving! When you’re working with living landscapes and the elements nature introduces, there are very few things that remain stagnant or constant. It isn’t enough to be “Reactive” if you want to provide great service. It requires us to be educated and informed, proactive, and flexible in addressing the ever-changing conditions affecting our properties and landscapes.

All our services are performed “in-house” by our experienced people, so there will be no outside contractors to add delays, excuses, or confusion! And with one phone call; you are in touch with a company that can help you with all your landscaping and maintenance needs.

Remember Trust is earned, and we would like to earn yours!